Clue game enables you to build games that are based on list of questions.  You can build in- and outdoor games although map  is not shown to players. Players can open questions by choosing from a list, entering keycode or going to the specific location. Players can decide in what sequence to open the questions.

How does the cluegame work?

Players see list of questions. They can freely choose the question to open. Once question is answered it disappears from the list.  There can be three types of activations for questions:

  1. Envelope – question opens by clicking on it. Once it is open player needs to answer it.
  2. Key – when clicked dialogue pops open that asks for keycode. In case correct keycode is entered question opens. If keycode is not correct player can try again. Keycode dialogue can be closed and player can try to open question later.
  3. Map pin -this is shown when location specific question is in the game. Question opens outdoors in specific place. Preclue should be used to guide person to right place.

Every correct answer gives points. Game ends when all the questions are answered or time runs out.

How to create?

1. Add questions (and order them)

2. Define triggers (optional)

3. Tweak game settings (name, welcome text, finish text, game length,  how incorrect answers behave, overrun question timers if needed)

Finish off with creating an event and you are done.

What exactly is shown in the question list?

  1. First few words of the question text are shown if nothing else is set.
  2. If question intro is set for the question then intro text is shown instead of the question text
  3. If in game trigger settings navigation clue is set, this is shown instead of intro text or question text

NB1! If code is entered then this is expected to open question. If code is not entered then question can be opened straight.

NB2!For location specific questions you can not enter code nor navi clue. Use intro in question instead.

Sample intro text

This is just a sample. Make your own depending on what exactly you want to achieve!

Welcome to our hotel adventure!

Your goal is to get highest score.

You see the amount of points every correct answer gives you. If you answer incorrectly same amount of points is taken away from you (or alternatively you can choose to give zero points for incorrect answer). Questions with envelope can be opened directly. Once question is open you have to answer it though. Questions with key icon need keycode to open. You might need to go to specific place or talk to people to get the keycode. You can try the keycode as many times as you want. Questions with map pin icon open in specific location outdoors!


You are responsible for your own safety. Keep your eyes open and do not engage in anything that is dangerous!

If help is needed contact the instructor on her mobile(+12345678)

Happy hunting!

Game ideas made with clue game type.