Users are individual persons. Accounts are usually for business entities.  One account usually has multiple user working on it.  User can have access to several accounts when invited. User has to have unique e-mail that is used for logging into company account.

User settings

User settings are access through top menu – My Settings. User can change the name (Displayed in PRO as task and game creator etc.) E-mail can not be changed as this is used as username in Loquiz PRO.

Deleting users

To delete a user and all personal data go to My settings and choose Delete User. Deleting a user will delete all your personal info (like e-mail, name and phone). Deleting a user does not delete the content the user has created. The content belongs to the account and can only be deleted together with the account.

If the user is deleted, the creator for games and tasks is shown as “Deleted User”, so they can not be associated with creator name.