Live issues

Do not assign location radius 1 m – this is reserved at the moment for specific cases. Same with 0 m radius – these questions open only with QR-code or with beacons. Usually the radius should not be less than 10 meters.

Android app version has  temporary differences in how the video questions behave. In some devices it may occur that: players are able to shoot longer videos than 15 seconds;  filming in portrait is restricted by the app; it is not possible to switch to front camera for taking a selfie video

Some things to take in consideration:

  • GPS only works outdoors. If you are using GPS in your games, make sure players have good view to the sky. Tall buildings and trees worsen the GPS accuracy.
  • GPS is able to pinpoint you within 10-meters of your real location – so your location is never exact.
  • Locations will not activate if the location accuracy is worse than 100 meters.  To open location make sure you are at the open spot.
  • You need mobile data to start a game, send results to server, see map, open question media (images, videos and webpages), use chat and to resume to the game.
  • Photos and videos are not uploaded to server if data connection is not present. Then photos and videos are saved in device.
  • Match game type as a multiplayer game needs good internet connection throughout the game, if data connection is lost, it works like Rogain.

iOS specific issues:

  • With iOS 11, when switching map to 3D, some pins may disappear from the map. To overcame this issue, exit the game and use continue last game option. When using iOS 11, it is better to avoid 3D view.
  • Wifi only iPads do not have GPS, so these can not be used for outdoor games.
  • When using restricted mode on iPad, test to be sure that settings do not limit Loquiz functionality (Loquiz needs access to Location, Camera and Photos) to work.
  • iOS compass is dependent on the device orientation. To reduce the hectic appearance in Strategy games lock the screen rotation.
  • It is not possible to scroll strategy view in strategy game type in small screen iOS devices.