Our story

Our roots are in adventure travel. Back in the day, we were guiding kayak- trips, running countrywide adventures and instructing participants on extreme events. Hard adventures have always been close to our hearts, but soft adventures (like games) have their appeal on many occasions. If you are running an outdoor or event business then you certainly know that being at an event or guiding a trip or running a game is a small but most satisfying part of the day. The hard work is the part that participants never see – preparing for the event, handling logistics and building the games.

As instructors, we were constantly looking for ways to make better games with less effort. This journey took us to cameras, walkie talkies, handheld GPS devices, and even crosswords. With the appearance of the first tablets in 2010, the Loquiz (Location Quiz) platform was born. Starting with a „life-size board game“ based on Snakes and Ladders, Loquiz has now evolved into a feature-rich platform for creating, running and selling games. Loquiz now boasts the freedom to create the game mechanics the way you want and quick-start templates to get started. Used in more than 30 countries by hundreds of event professionals means that Loquiz is much bigger than just a software platform. The greatest ideas are pouring in from the community members around the world. All that said, the basic idea of Loquiz remains unchanged – create better games with less hassle.


Our community

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Loquiz story is about creating better games with less hassle

Robert Jan Thomassen / SOS Events

„It changed the way we create, prepare and execute our events. We have far more choices to make, but in a positive sense – there are way more good choices available now then we had in the past.„

Nadan Tsur / Team Dynamics

„Since we connected with Loquiz we have significantly expanded our sales and our options. It allowed us to add both premium and regular game concepts to our portfolio.„

Tord Björkqvist / Aventi

„After implementing Loquiz we are now using 1-2 instructors instead of 6-7 instructors in one of our typical events.„

Patrick Lussier / Outeractive Experiences

"I’ve been able to adapt old game concepts that used to be a ton of work to put together on site. I can mix two together and have teams use more abilities within the same game."

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