Loquiz Policies

Make sure you know what you are getting into! Please familiarize yourself with Loquiz Policies.

Terms of Use

Explains the rights and obligations of using Loquiz system and running Loquiz games.

Most important: You are responsible for creating safe games and properly informing participants

Privacy Policy

Outlines the privacy considerations and practices we use.

Most important: We care for your privacy, please keep players privacy in mind when designing events

Cookie Policy

Explains the way we use cookie and keep track of website usage.

Most important: We use cookies for analytics and some aspects of the service.

Please note that by using Loquiz you agree to these Policies. Please also note that while Players are not directly agreeing with these Policies there are rights that arise from the Policies directly (like the right of any player to ask for removal of her information from the results pages).

Please send you questions about the policies to info@loquiz.com