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Game building logic: Creators can build games with programming blocks. 

Specialty: Allows setting up both indoor and outdoor games with flexible condition-result based triggers. 

Screen view for teams: a list of questions/a map with pins (depends on how the game is set up)

Location: indoor/outdoor

Map & GPS: yes/no (depends on if indoor/outdoor game)

Need for data/ WiFi: only to open the game, to open the tasks with media and to upload the results. When the game is set up with Match logic, the data connection is needed throughout the game.

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The flexible way to build complex game logic. Creators can build in- and outdoor games with conditions based triggers.

Can be played

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Tablet
  • Phone
  • iOS
  • Android
List of tasks
List of clues
Map with pins
Activation possibility
Pro Tool

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Teams navigate to and open the tasks under the pins. Possible to add a rule: if one team solves a task correctly, it will disappear from the map for all...

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Creator Pro – create your own rules

Creator PRO is a visual programming environment for real-world games, based on Blockly (the block-based editor that is developed by Google).
It is the most flexible way of creating unique game mechanics.

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