Change the way you create, run and sell games


Finding instructors is hard and keeping them busy all year round is even harder. Loquiz enables you to use less instructors per game and enables them to work on preparing new concepts during low seasons. So you can run better level service with less people.


Corporate groups like and often demand the experience to be tailor made for them. Be it the location, corporate content, theme or even language. With Loquiz you can easily customize games. So the client always feels appreciated and you do not spend too much time to provide that.


Using Loquiz you will be able to rapidly respond to client needs. Many users of Loquiz actually promise to provide the services for the next day. As you need little or no time customizing events and minimum amount of instructors to carry out the events you will be able to partner up with sales channels much more easily.  This will open market segments unreachable before.


Developing new services is time consuming. With Loquiz you will speed up this process considerably. With default templates you will have new games ready in no time. Loquiz stuff is here to support your efforts migrating your existing games to Loquiz platform and there is strong Community that can provide you the ready to implement game concepts.

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