Outdoor team adventure for gyms in Sweden

Published on August 23, 2017

Two gyms in Sweden tried Loquiz as a team activity for their staff and members….

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Mistake to avoid while marketing the games you created

Published on August 4, 2017

I have noticed one common misconception when event professionals start to market their games. They market…

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What you lose when you don’t use games at events?

Published on June 28, 2017

Some event professionals start to use gamification tech without too much reasoning, just because there…

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Why it is NOT a good idea to test your event games?

Published on April 24, 2017

You should not test your games, you have to PLAY the games you have created.

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Gamification to learn about health. Estonian Children’s Diabetes Association Case Study

Published on November 22, 2016

One of the goals of Loquiz is to make people physically move outdoor. Moderate physical…

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What happens when event company starts using smart device games- case study

Published on November 1, 2016

One company officially made the record of all new users this season. They started creating their…

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