Battle Bingo game

Published on July 16, 2019

Battle Bingo is an exciting strategic outdoor game developed by Team Dynamics event company. Similar…

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Features released 2019 first half

Published on July 5, 2019

The beginning of 2019 has brought on multiple new features to set up games. Below…

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An Activity station -a new question type for team building games

Published on March 8, 2018

Loquiz has had so far 7 question types to put your content into. Now make…

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Sneak peek on upcoming design change and new features

Published on January 24, 2018

Changes to the Loquiz app design will be released in February. Some of them are…

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Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Loquiz is now used to create location based games in 26 countries, over 3300 games run at events worldwide in the first half of 2017

Published on July 28, 2017

Loquiz gamification platform is happy to announce that the partnerships signed with event companies over…

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Loquiz held the second gamification workshop-conference for event professionals

Published on January 11, 2017

From 9-10th of January was held the second  gamification conference for event professionals. 

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