treasure map

Tips to create your own treasure map for an outdoor game

Published on April 26, 2016

You have probably drawn at least one treasure map in your life. It might have…

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strategy game outdoor

Open Question Now- how to use the feature

Published on April 25, 2016

Open question now is a cool feature in the¬†Strategy game type. In some situations, it…

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scavenger game 2

Do’s and dont’s of scavenger game type

Published on January 25, 2016

Scavenger is a game type where the game designer decides what locations become visible on…

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team building trust activities

How much is trust worth? Print out team building trust activity

Published on January 21, 2016

Every now and then I have team trainers approaching me and asking about ideas for…

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Guest post – 10 Office Team Building Activities – by Maximillion

Published on December 29, 2015

When it comes to team building in an office environment, many either face a range…

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strategy puzzle

Strategy puzzle

Published on December 3, 2015

Green means correct answer and moving forward, red means incorrect and moving back. 1 is…

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