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11 Hybrid Team Building Game ideas to build your own

Hybrid team building game all around the world

Since the pandemic, team building companies are more and more using the expression “hybrid games”. These two words mean “a game where everyone can play together from different locations”. This is on the rise because it helps to have fun without paying for transportation, without worrying about the distance rules.
So here are 11 ideas for your own hybrid team building game. The 7th point is especially recommended by myself.

1. Video-conference team building

With the lockdown, a lot of people started working from home. As the pandemic goes on, many of us remain at home. Did it stop us from having meetings? Not exactly, because we have videoconference tools such as Zoom or Hangouts.

This kind of software is actually mandatory for the vast majority of hybrid team buildings. With the image and the sound, you can provide the widest and the easiest interactions. They also ensure the maximum involvement of the players. So, make sure the game is fun!

I have detailed 11 idea of games using Zoom right here.

How a hybrid team building game looks like from your side
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2. Strong story involving an international plot

The Hybrid Team Building game always involves people from different parts of a country, of a continent, of our planet. I remember last time, I have been playing a game involving people from Israel, New Caledonia, Holland, etc.

To make people feeling involved in the game, it’s important to set up strong, passionate storytelling. I can’t emphasize this enough.

They need an emotional reason why they are playing. And as they are all remote, this story is even better when international.

For example, you can imagine a story where you need to virtually travel to different cities. Indeed, you need to find clues for a final hidden city to save a hostage in a burning plane.

With a story telling, you can create everything

3. Virtual escape game

Instead of being open an international… Why don’t you imagine that all the players are locked in a virtual room?

Imagine a story where people are witnessing, powerless, a mysterious prisoner being locked in a room. Only the player can solve riddles to find a way out.

I have actually developed about escape games right here. You can make one from your home to your team.

4. Make it outdoor!

When a lockdown has kept us cramped inside, why don’t we create a game leading us outside?

There are many possible ideas where you can convince the player to go outside, even without organizing a teambuilding trip. For example, with the right tools, you can ask players to walk a certain distance. Then they would unlock rewards.

If you make people move, your hybrid team building game will be better remembered by the players.

Play outdoor in your hybrid team building game

5. Use a presenter with a TV-Show background

Imagine that you are watching a TV show. Someone is presenting. As a player, you are directly involved: you answer tasks, you make decisions, you discover your prizes, and then you laugh with your whole team.

If you add a presenter with a TV Show-like background, I can ensure you that you will increase the uniqueness of your game.

However, make sure that the presenter is well trained to embrace the negative surprises. A game always has unexpected issues.

TV show
Recreate something like this. I’m sure that your players will love such a scenery.

6. Bingo Battle Online

Here is an example of a game that was just released a few days ago on the Loquiz games market: Battle Bingo Online. This is an outstanding hybrid team building game.

Everyone is behind their screen with their Bingo grid displayed on their smartphone.

The host is live, showing riddle by riddle. Once you play, you fill the different cases as below. The success will depend on how many riddles you find (and some of them are extremely tough)!

Bingo Battle online, a good example of hybrid team building game

7. Use a Scavenger Hunt editor

Do you wonder how the Bingo Battle Online is displaying a grid on your smartphone?

You can do it if you have the right tool. With a “Scavenger Hunt” editor, you can basically combine very good interaction between all the players, just by displaying your own game there.

The level of customization might depend on a lot on the platform. You can immediately try ours if you want (and it’s compatible with both iPhones and Android phones). Feel free to get a free trial here.

How Loquiz looks like from the inside

8. Project Arrow

What is this game?… For a few seconds, Imagine that you and your team are the world leaders: Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, etc. You know that an asteroid is going to destroy the world. You need to come up with a plan.

But… How to have a rational discussion, when everyone was rivaling before? By doing a teambuilding game!

In this virtual team building game, you virtually visit each other’s houses to solve funny riddles together. So that you’ll be able to plan a solution.

Isn’t that a fun story-telling? As I told you in the second point, a story is important to make the players involved.

Screenshot of the game

9. Interact with items that everyone has

A hybrid team building game should not be static. It might be difficult to ask players to remain sat. I gave some ideas on point number 4. But here is another one: Make people interacting with the items they have in their home.

Everyone has spoons, screens, keyboards, phones, right? You can find an original way to interact in your storytelling.

For example, you can use our object finder to scan the items.

In the following quarantine scavenger hunt, there are items to scan. And you gain new items by succeeding in some combinations.

You can test it out now!

Item finder for a Quarantine Scavenger Hunt game

10. Hackathon Online

On the previous point, I told that it was difficult to keep everyone seated for a while, during a hybrid team building game.

But it’s not’s impossible at all. Especially if you find the right reason to.

In the Hackathon online game, you are given many riddles. Solve them by the team, show that you are the smartest in the virtual room, and then you’ll succeed.

Sometimes we host Hackathon Online games (based on Normal Hackathon), so people discover a brand new idea of hybrid team build game. They also meet our community of brilliant game creators.

If you are interested, you can send me a message. I will keep you in touch for the next game.

Hackathon online game

11. Make a complex plot

Have you already tried several hybrid games? Did you get the impression that they all look alike?

If you’re an experienced game creator, it might happen. It’s also possible that all the previous ideas sound too familiar to you.

In this case, you should open up to deeper customization tools. We have one that might interest you: the Creator Pro.

Using the Blocky game system, we allow our game makers to create complex games using logical operators. From that, you can create many triggers, many paths in your game.

If you want a demo of the Creator Pro, feel free to contact us.

As a final word, I would say that it’s going to be trendy even after the whole pandemic crisis.

People learned to work remotely. A part of them will keep this way to work as it brings some advantages (alongside with some cons, of course). And when comes to a global meeting, it might be riskier and more expensive to buy plane tickets for everyone.

Instead, many meetings will remain on video conference platforms. This same dynamic will apply to team-building meetings. Little by little, a new word is getting the norm to express this idea: Being present while being remote. This word is an adjective, it is “hybrid”.

On the contrary in other words (such as “remote”, “technology”, “virtual”), “hybrid” has a positive tone. People react with agreeableness while hearing this term.

And if you want to convince your clients to do some activities again, not only I would advise you to follow these 11 rules, but I would also advise you to adopt this word.

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