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Photo scavenger hunt ideas- location based questions with old pictures

Previously we have discussed how to create fun team picture tasks but if you are looking for a more advanced photo scavenger hunt ideas, then re-capturing old photos might be the game concept to bring to life.

There is a difference between location-specific question and a location assigned to question. In short, first is useful when you are creating a question about something in surroundings (statue, building, tree ect.) and this question is fixed to a location.
But when you make trivia questions or team building tasks that can be answered anywhere, you assign a location trigger on map to a question only just when you are creating a game. This way you can shift the trigger so it isn’t fixed to a location and you can use the same question for different games in different areas.
You can use a mix of location-specific questions and normal questions in one game.

Below is an example of creating a location specific question with re-capturing an old photo with team members on it. Besides giving task to rephotograph old views you can assign teams to act out some creative team task on the picture. So you can have as serious or fun game as you want.

Log in to Loquiz PRO and start creating a new question. First create a question/photo task and add a location to it. When you make questions for the clue-game which doesn’t have a map displayed during the game, then make radius 50-100 meters wide. Also add pre-clue under “Comments and clues”.
This way players read the pre-clue about where they should go to make the question/task open up. Having larger radius means they stumble upon the task easily. When creating Rogain then radius can be smaller, around 10-15 meters because map is displayed and players find task locations with the help of the map.

photo-scavenger-hunt-ideas-4Add link to the photo with the object you want players to take picture with:

Construct your game with other questions and tasks and play on smart devices. Location-specific questions and creative team tasks that can be done anywhere look in clue game type on smart device like this:


When you read pre-clue about task location and arrive to the location, the task opens. Team-tasks open just by tapping on them.


Players can look at the photo what can be  picture from past or nowadays. You can add that the angle of the new photo view should be as accurate as possible. 
ImageServletSource: Estonian History Museum AM _ 15972:2 F 18265

Loquiz team trying best to re-photograph the view while doing some creative exercises and end result:


Although location specific questions take a bit more effort to think out they are still a great way to make tours for destinations, campus tours, team building games and make players pay more attention to surroundings. Hope you have fun thinking out photo scavenger hunts in your destination! See also tips about how to wrap up and score photos after the hunt.

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