For Training and Coaching

Run trainings in bite-sized microlearning format
Bring excitement to breaks during meetings and trainings
Contribute to employee wellness
Get overview of training outcome and results

Training game concepts that team trainers have brought to life

Mobile team building in Møns Geocenter Denmark

Møns Klint is a breathtakingly beautiful cliff in southeastern Denmark.

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Team training game on smart devices in Läckö, Sweden

Before each season there is a training session for a new staff and the day is finished with a nice dinner together.

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Management meeting in Denmark

In order to safeguard our leading position as a service organisation, it is essential to continue the investment into the development of our human capital.

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  • The app was fantastic, it's a shame that more people didn't use it.

    Joanne Williamson (KPMG conference)
  • All workshops have happened and have gone off well. Thanks for the great product and the help.

    Reevi Rajan (Mediacom)
  • Continuos improvement is also about daring to break up with the traditions. To do something differently. This we truly did when we chose to facilitate our frequent management meeting with help from new technology, enabling to combine learning, decisions, teambuilding, strategy development – and outside activities.

    Jens Frost Mikkelsen (Intego)