In Loquiz you can create questions with location and questions without location. To play an outdoor game, you need to attach a location to the questions but you can also create games (Quiz, Clue) using questions without location. Question’s pin and radius are customisable. 

There is two type of questions in Loquiz:

1. General questions – this kind of question can be with location or without location. Location is set while creating an outdoor game (Rogain, Strategy, Scavenger, Match). One question can have different locations in different games.

General question would be following:

Shoot a photo of your team where nobody touches the ground.

2. Location-specific questions – this kind of question can have one permanent location and it only makes sense when asked in a particular location. You can use this kind of question in different games, but it always have the same location. Location is assigned while creating a question.

Location-specific question is for example following:

Nearby is a statue. Shoot a photo of your team and a statue.

You can use general and location-specific questions in all game types.


Setting location to the question

General question

You can set location to general question while creating a game. Just create or choose general questions and on “Location” tab (see screenshot below) in Rogain, Scavenger, Strategy or Match just click on the map and location will appear there. After this you can shift the location where necessary. In Quiz and Clue you cannot assign location to general questions as there is no “Location” tab in the game settings (in Clue you can use location-specific questions instead).

Location-specific question

To create a location-specific question, you need to set the location while creating a question on “Location” tab. See screenshot below.

You can set location by:

a) typing in an address (use the search icon on the map);

b) clicking on a map to point the right place;

c) pasting in exact coordinates in degrees (dd,dddddd);

After you have set the location using any of these means you can move the question around on the map.



Radius is an area where question actually activates. Default is 10 meters (location specific questions) and 15 m (general questions), in most cases this should be alright. If you make the radius smaller, the question becomes harder to activate because of GPS inaccuracy, but it opens closer to the wanted location. Bigger radius is easier to activate, but it opens in a less controllable way.

Question that has radius of 3 meters or less are very hard to open in real world. Do not assign location radius 1 m – this is reserved at the moment for specific cases. Same with 0 m radius – these questions open only with QR-codes or with beacons. Usually the radius should not be less than 10 meters.

In general question you can edit the radius only while creating a game on “Location” tab. In location-specific question you can edit the radius while creating/editing specific question, on “Location” tab.


Pin icon

You can change the colour and the icon of the pin. It is possible to set a special team task, photo, drinks and entering the building icons as a pin. It is also possible to create hidden locations – just choose “no icon” and “transparent” area (radius) colour.

To change pin icon, you need to open question and o to “Additional settings” tab.


Changing location later

In case you need to change the location of general question just open a game where you used it. Change the location under “Location” tab. NB! Location will be changed only in this game and not in other games where this question was used.

If you need to change the location of location-specific question, then you need to open the question for editing. Location will be changed in all the games where this question is present.

In case you delete location from a question that was location specific and was added in games the question in games will preserve their locations but are now considered not location specific (i.e. location is set by the game).

In case you make general question location specific then all locations in different games will be overwritten there where this question was used.