Go to Additional settings tab in Question edit screen to access question additional settings.


Difficulty is basically scoring that is used in Quiz, Clue, Rogain and Scavenger games. Scoring is ignored in Strategy games.  Default value is 1. Question difficulty is shown on the map in Rogain and Scavenger games and on question list in Cluegames.

In Loquiz games player will get shown amount points for correct answers. For incorrect answer it is possible to choose in game settings to award same amount of negative points or zero points (default).

Question difficulty can be between -99 to 99 points.  Question value can also be zero (no points for this answer).

Negative points are used to create zones where players should not go in Rogain games. To create a “tollzone” create “no answer” type of question and set negative value to it. When player goes to the zone question pops up what can be only answered correctly (as it is no answer) and therefore player is awarded negative points.

Time Limit

Time limit in seconds determines how much time time players have to answer that question from the moment it opens. If team fails to answer within this time the answer is considered incorrect.  Timers are used to make “easy to google” questions more challenging.  Do not set timers to questions where video is to be show as in case of video loading slowly timer might run out.


Language is for sorting and filtering purposes only. It helps you to find the questions you need fast. You can use several language questions in one game.  Question language setting does not affect actual game.

Pin icon

Pin icon is for setting a different color to the pins. It helps teams to grasp tasks according to the color and navigate. You can also add “no icon” and transparent area color to create hidden locations invisible on the map.
In addition you can set a special team task, photo, drinks and entering the building icons as a pin.

Area color

Area color sets the color of the radius of the pin. It will also set question background color when question is open. In clue game it will set the question background in question list.  To hide the area set area color transparent.