Welcome text is shown at the start of the game  and is accessible to the player throughout the game.  Use welcome text to shortly explain the rules, remind players of safety aspect and give contact numbers.

What to cover?

It depends on the occasion but I would recommend to cover the following:

  • Welcome and where you are
  • Story and rules
  • Safety if moving around
  • Contact details

What not to cover?

It is wise to keep the text short, so that players are able to read it.  So keep it simple. Also think before adding things like game duration (timer is on the screen anyway), number of points in a game (this is visible from score screen anyway), needless explanations of what to click (players will figure that out anyway).


Simple hunt sample

Welcome to city adventure in London!

Your goal is to collect as many points as possible. To do that your team answers questions. Question opens when you are at the correct location. Correct answer gives the amount of points shown on the map pin.

You are responsible for your own safety. Be careful when moving around.  If location is not accessible for any reason choose another location.

If any issues contact instructor +555 5555 555

Happy hunting!