Strategy game is the original Loquiz. The idea is to get to from start to finish with as few steps as possible.  You can think of Strategy game as a life size board game.  Just like in Snakes & Ladders there are shortcuts (ladders) that take you forward and fallbacks (snakes) that take you back. In Loquiz game it is not about luck but about planning and wisdom. 

How does it work?

All locations are visible on the map. But only one question can be opened (different color pin). This is the starting field (can be set to have specific value or dice). Big arrow shows to the next field.  Following field will be determined by the correctness of the last answers.

Player will see where all the locations are and also where each answer (correct and incorrect will take them). They just do not know what the content of the questions are. So it is possible to plan for the shortest route to the finish.


Build scenarios that depend on if the answer is correct or incorrect. For smaller to middle size groups that are focused on a game.

Use for

  • Simple tours
  • Die Hard/Amazing race type of games
  • Strategy trainings
  • Snakes and Ladders type of games


  • great game that really stands out
  • rich attributes work (not scoring as the game is about shortest way to finish)
  • suitable for small to middle size groups that are focused on a game
  • very suitable for limited areas where points overlap each other

How to create?

1) add questions You need enough questions in case you are building a strategy that does not expect players to visit every location.

2) assign every question a location Location specific questions have locations already, now you need to add locations to rest of the questions as well

3) Order the questions and set finish point As players are roughly following question numbers it is worth reordering questions so that there is a sensible track. It is worth keeping locations close by also close in order. You can reorder questions and locations by dragging them in trigger view.

4) Create strategy or scenario With strategy you basically define where does the player go next if they answer the question correctly (green line) or incorrectly (red line). Just drag the lines where you see fit.

5) Set the starting point (any number or dice toss (1-6) and finish point.

You can also set how many times questions can be opened without going there (if question is not accessible it will break the game, so this is very much recommended feature to have in a game).

Different strategies

Simplest strategy is that every answer just takes you to the next step (red and green always go one step forward). This is tour.

A little bit more complicated is that incorrect answer opens the question again and correct takes to next.

Or wrong answer takes you back (red line is one step backwards) and correct takes you forward.

From there you can build whatever comes to your mind. Correct takes you forward several steps, incorrect back several steps. You could make people answer wrong to go back and then jump forward. You could start from last field and work your way to first field (finish). You can make correct answers take people backward etc.

If you know how to set up that kind of game it will receive great feedback from the players!

After game finish field is shown and players are directed there if they run out of time. This game needs GPS!


In strategy games the idea is to find “shortest” way to finish so scoring is quite “out-of-the-box”.

a) Basic ideas is that every answer in a game gives one penalty point (question difficulty scores are not used). It does not matter if the answer was correct or not. Less points is better, so find the best strategy.

b) In case team does not make it to the finish one penalty point is added for each field they are away from the finish (if finish is 50 and you are at 35, you would get 15 penalty points). Strategies are not taken into account.

c) As you can let players open next location from distance (without going to the actual location) on penalty is added for every time player uses the feature.

Sum of all this is your score.

How the game ends?

Strategy games end when teams get to the finish field. Meaning the have made the strategy, carried it out, finish pin is activated and they are physically there. Then finish question opens and team needs to answer it correctly (no answer question answer are always considered correct). Then finish message is displayed.

Alternatively when time runs out then all the pins disappear from the map apart of finish pin. Finish message is displayed when team is physically in finish location.

Important to remember

Check that locations are accessible, or do not limit “open question now” feature.