With scavenger game type you can build very flexible games. The basic idea of scavenger game type is that you can make the locations appear on the map according to specific rules.

How does scavenger work?

Players see some of the locations at the start of the game (according to the game creator plans anywhere from one to all locations). Scavenger game type can be set up so that each team sees only one location and every team see different location. Question pops up when player is at the correct place.  Other locations will appear on the map according to timer (minutes from the game start) or after answering certain questions.

How to create?

  1. Add questions
  2. Set locations to the questions that are not location specific
  3. Set activation rules and start/finish rules
  4. Configure settings

Create event and you are done!

Activation rules

One location can be activated by time or other questions and one location can activate several locations.
There are two types of activation rules

a) time – set the minutes from the game start for the location to appear on the map

b) other locations – going to one location can make other locations appear on the map

If the activation rules are set then points will become visible for players on the map according to those rules only. Each point can become active only once. There can be several activation rules for one point – in this case the earliest action makes the location visible on the map.


Locations without activation rules

In case no activation rules is set for the location it will appear according to the following rules:

a) in case no start points (S)  are defined all locations without rules to activate them (questions 1, 2 and 4) are visible on the map from the start and can be opened by going there (Note that on the screenshot point 2 activates number 3, but 2 is not activated by any other points and therefore does not have activation rule!).

b) in case starting points are set, all locations without activation rules will become visible after all points marked as starting points have been answered.

c) in case starting points are set and option to assign separate starting point to each team (rotate start fields) is chosen on “Configure” page, all locations without activation rules will be visible after this starting point is answered.

Starting locations (optional)

Marked with [S]. Starting point ca be defined to show specific points in the start. If starting locations are defined then other locations will become visible according to the activation rules. If no activation rules is set for location it will become visible after all starting points are answered.

Finish location

Only one finish point can be set. Every game has to have a finish point set. (F on the screenshot).
Finish point will become visible:

a) always when game time runs out (all other locations will disappear at the same time).

b) when there is no more visible locations on the map

c) according to the activation rules

If no activation rules is set to finish point it will not be visible until game time runs out or there are no more locations visible on the players map to go to.

NB! In case finish point is set to become visible by a rule in the middle of the game and players go and activate it, this will end the game! Do not make finish visible too early!

NB! Question in finish location can not be answered once game time is over.

Briefing players

Go to the locations and questions open. During the game locations will appear on the map. Go to any one of them. Once finish appears then you can go to finish to finish the game or avoid the finish and continue the game. More points win!

Important to remember!

  • Do not make finish visible too early, otherwise the game is over when players go there. And also remember that you do not have to define starting points.
  • If location does not have any activation rules it will be visible from the beginning (or will appear right after starting points are taken)


Check this tutorial out to see how you can make teams move in circle.

this tutorial about how to separate teams at the start of the game

and how to make teams follow different routes.