Rogain game type in Loquiz allows you to easily create Rogaine type of games on mobile. Placing different value checkpoints to different locations.  Extra in Loquiz is that you can make it more interesting by awarding points only if player answers correctly.

How does Rogaine work?

This is what Wikipedia has to say about Rogaining: “Rogaining is a sport of cross country navigation  involving both route planning and navigation between checkpoints.   Teams visit as many checkpoints as possible in the time allowed. Checkpoints are scored differently depending on level of difficulty in reaching them; therefore teams choose a strategy (for example, to visit many low score checkpoints).  Teams travel at their own pace.


In Loquiz players see all the locations on the map and the value of every one of them.  The goal is to gather as many points as possible during the time limit. Going for several low score locations or trying to get high score locations right are different options. When time runs out all the locations disappear from the map and users are directed to finish.

How to create?

  1. Add questions
  2. Set locations to the questions that are not location specific
  3. Set finish location
  4. Configure settings

Create event and go playing.

Game start

All the locations are visible (as is finish location). Question opens when player goes to the right location.

Game end

Rogain type of games end if:

a) Player has visited all the locations (visited location disappears from map) and goes to the finish location. Finish message is displayed at finish location and time will stop running (game ends) at finish location.

b) Time runs out. All the pins exept finish pin disappear from the map. Note that timer actually keeps running. Finish message is displayed and timer stopped when team arrives to finish location.

Note that finish pin acts like any other pin in the sense that it can have the question attached to it. When team arrives to finish before finishing conditions are met (time not over and not all points answered) they will be able to answer finish question, but finish pin does not disappear from the map. If time runs out finish question can not be answered.

Developing your game concept further

  • simple outdoor games for groups whose main focus is not playing
  • creating large games for bus or train
  • “collecting” something – money, mushrooms, points, donations etc.
  • Seek and avoid (large negative fields)
  • get 100 points exactly (negative and positive fields)

Rogaine is:

  • suitable for large groups
  • easy to brief
  • relatively easy to make
  • hard to break, will just work
  • all the rich question attributes work in a game


  • In this game the checkpoint order does not matter. Player can make up their own route.
  • There are many ways to spice up your game (negative scores in some checkpoints etc.)

See also tutorial video about creating Rogain game: