Quiz is what the name says – quiz. It takes seconds to put one together and it is very simple to play. But it is no adventure game and is intended for indoor mainly. 

How does quiz work?

Players get questions in specific order starting from one. Next question opens after previous is answered. Game ends when time is up or all the questions are answered.


How to create?

1. Add questions (and order them)

2. Tweak game settings (name, welcome text, finish text, game length,  how incorrect answers behave, overrun question timers if needed)

Finish off with creating and event and you are done.

Sample welcome texts

This is just a sample you could use for welcome/info text in your game.

Welcome to the Quiz

Start the game, enter your (team)name and go.

Questions open one after another.  Try to get as many correct answers as possible. Questions are of different difficulty. More difficult questions will give you more points than others.  There might be timers on questions so watch out.

Start now!

Important to remember!

  • In quiz question locations are ignored. You can still put location specific questions into the game, but they will open just like a question without a location would.


Click here to see how question behave in different games.