For a playable game good satellite reception is needed. Newest devices use Glonass (Russian) and Navstar (American, also known as GPS) together.

Usually the reception is quite good and the accuracy has been improving over the years, but occasionally you might encounter situation when devices have trouble locking onto satellites.

Mainly for two reasons:

  • lack of visible satellites
  • not able to connect to the satellites duo to obstacles

There are three ways how devices locate themselves outdoors

  1. Cell network – accuracy around 1000 m
  2. Wifi network – accuracy around 100 m
  3. GPS – accuracy around 10 m

Device will use the best that is available and so will Loquiz.

Loquiz only takes the location stream from the device. We can not unfortunately control or manage the connections. If your location accuracy is worse than 100 meters, we do not calculate your position.

Checking the reception

There is very little you can do about better reception but you can check if the problem is with reception.
Great free app to do that on Android is GPS Essentials.

Go to Google Store and search for GPS essentials.
Then start it on your device.



Clicking Satellites will take you to the satellite screen. This will give you very quick overview of what is available out there, if there is a fix and what is the estimated accuracy.

You can see overview of all the satellites that are there.
All the satellites that device has a connection to in blue (in screenshot there are no active connections)
and all the satellites it is using for fix in green (no position in the screenshot)
But you can do more. Clicking on a Dashboard takes you to empty Dashboard screen. You have to add couple of attributes there.

Location provider tells you if it is GPS, Wifi or Cellular network.
Number of satellites tells you how many satellites are visible and used.
Accuracy – this is the estimated accuracy in meters.


So in the screenshot things are not really very favourable.

Fix to at least 4 satellites is needed to get location! Give the device some time to achieve the first lock always! Restarting the application forces the device to reinitialize GPS chip, so this might help if nothing happens, but do not rush it.

What can you do to improve the location accuracy?

Move outdoors (GPS does not work indoors), move to open area (GPS works poorly on narrow streets). Use bigger radiuses in your game, locate points in open areas will help in general.

In rare occasions where satellite connection is systematically weak (not just because of obstacles) it will usually improve during over time.

If you want to go really deep check the GPS.GOV page.