With Loquiz you can create games online and run them on smart devices. These are the steps to run prepared games.

1. Have a suitable device

Loquiz runs on following devices

  • Apple iPhones and iPads running iOS 9 or higher.
  • Android phones and tablets running Android 4 or higher.

To play outdoor games your device needs to have GPS capability.

It is strongly recommended that your device is equipped with mobile data connectivity (although it might be possible to play Loquiz game without continuous internet connection).

Wifi only iPad also does not have GPS. Do not use those for outdoor games.

2. Install Loquiz

Loquiz application is available for free from AppStore (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android).  Search for Loquiz and install the application.

3. Start  app and game

Start Loquiz by clicking the icon.
On iOS application will ask to use your location. Allow this to happen. (If you have pressed accidentally disallow then you can change it in iPhone settings. See tutorial video how to do give rights for app to use your location on iPhone )

Log in to Loquiz using your username and password (or use event specific username and password). Choose the game from the list. Clicking “Load” downloads the game to device.
Clicking “…” enables you two options: “Test” starts the game for testing purposes, clicking “Resume” allows team to resume already ongoing game.

After pressing “Load” you will see games welcome intro text. After that you can look at the map, rules ect. When you press “Start” you will have to enter team name and optionally players names and game begins.

4. Observe game online

You can start games in test mode if you log in with your PRO username (regular username or instructor username).  When you start a game in test mode you get a link to results. For instructor it is a good way to tell that all teams got going and things are working alright.