Some things to take in consideration:

  • GPS only works outdoors. If you are using GPS in your games make sure players have good view to the sky
  • GPS is able to pinpoint you within 10-meters of your real location. So your location is never exact.
  • You need data to start a game, send results to server, see map and photos and videos.
  • Wifi only iPads do not have GPS, so these can not be used for outdoor games
  • Photos are not downloaded  to server if data connection is not present. Photos are saved in device.
  • Videos are only uploaded over Wifi (and not over mobile data).
  • Locations will not activate if the location accuracy is worse than 100 meters.  To open location make sure you are at the open spot
  • When using restricted mode on iPad test that the settings do not limit Loquiz functionality (Loquiz needs access to Location, Camera and Photos) to work.
  • iOS compass is dependent on the device orientation. To reduce the hectic appearance in Strategy games lock the screen rotation.