Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is the original Loquiz game. It is a life size board game with the board being your entire neighbourhood. Team's challenge is to get from start to finish with as few steps as possible. In every field a question is asked from the team. Depending on whether your answer was correct or incorrect, you will get your next point. Your challenge is to answer right and wrong so that you can utilize the shortcuts (ladders) in a game.


who: Small to middle size groups. Participants eager to focus on a game.
Where: Suits very well to tight places. Fun even if there is not much to see.
when: Team buildings, Department meetings, Client events
what: Developing, reviewing and implementing strategy. Teamwork.
how: Map, Direction arrow. Tablet needs gps for this game to work.
Snakes and ladders
  • is not about answering as many qustions as possible. It is actually avoiding the questions the best you can
  • is not about being right every time. Sometimes it is wiser to be wrong.
  • is all about making wise strategic choices!

Creating Snakes and Ladders game is a bit more challenging than creating rogains just because you need to define the "strategy". How tough the strategy is, is up to you.

  • Make correct answers take teams forward and incorrect backwards. Also called Down Under game.
  • Create dead ends and really long shortcuts where it is hard to get to.

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