Rogain is the simplest of all the freeflow games. All the locations are visible on the map. The visiting sequence is free. Every location will give a certain amount of points when a question is answered correctly. The location disappears when question is answered.

More points wins. Very easy game to set up and brief. When time is up or all locations visited players are guided to finish.

Do you have a huge group and want to separate teams at the beginning? Check here!


Who: Middle size to very large groups. Easy to brief and understand even if group is unfocused.
Where: Large team buildings, Company summer days, Client events
When: Orienteering. Teamwork. Trivia
What: All games where players can choose in what order to progress in a game.
How: Navigation using map, activation with GPS

Charity games

Rogain type games are well suited for charity events. From the results table it is easy to see how many points all the teams together got. Donating that sum of money makes for a great charity initative that everybody feels part of.


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