Loquiz pricing depends on what you need and how many and how big events you run. It is a combination of yearly license fee and usage based fee.


Full access to Loquiz PRO and online support. Prerequisite of using Loquiz platform.

Create content (all question types)
Create games (quiz & rogain game types)

* additional game types available separately

Unlimited members and collaborators
Free Android and iOS Loquiz app
Custom logo in the app
Access to Public Question library
Unlimited testing of games in real world
Technical support

* e-mail

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We charge for every team (one activated device) that play your games

Full control over who, when and where play your games
Run games for groups
Run games for individuals
Run public games
Online results
Install Loquiz app to any iOS or Android device
Buy team credits before the event. Bought teams can be used as long as the license is active

Log in to purchase teams


Additional game types, libraries and consultation

Additional game types
Every account has 2 game types by default (quiz and rogain). Clue game, scavenger & strategy game types available separately
Additional question libraries
Specific question libraries in different languages are available that can be used to spice up your games
Additional services
Working on your events
On site support and game preparation
Implementing Loquiz in your organization

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Most frequently asked questions about pricing

Why do I need subscription?

You need subscription to use Loquiz platform. To prepare content and games. Get support. Test games. You only need to purchase team credits when you let people play the games.

What is a team?

In Loquiz group of people that use one device to play are considered a team. Team size and number of teams in event is decided by you - the event organizer.

When is team actually spent?

We deduct the team from your team credits when player answers third question. Team is not counted when game is downloaded, started or when team name is entered. You can start games in test mode for testing.


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