Photohunt is a well known photo game where teams go around looking for places and stage photos with their team-members. The idea is that the specific location is pinpointed by the photo. Loquiz is well suited to run photohunts as the applicaton allows you to add photos to the questions and photo assignments into the game.

Finding the destination and taking a photo is scored automatically. You can additionally give prizes depending on what is actually in the photo.


Who: Middle size to very large groups looking for FUN. Shared memories guaranteed!
Where: Company summer days, Client events, Events in special places
When: Fun, Creativity, Teamwork
What: Game that creates memories and something to share after the game.
How: Navigation using map, activation with GPS, taking photos with tablet

You can leave point radius small so that photo opens near needed place and location is easy to find. Or you can make the radius large, so when photo opens, team still needs to find the right object.


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