On the road

This is a fun location aware quiz on the go. It can be built using the ROGAIN game type in LOQUIZ. Basically locations (triggers) are added on your transportation route and questions will open based on GPS.


Where: Groups in transit. Bus, train, cars etc.
Events: Turning the inevitable act of being transported into a more enjoyable experience.
Skills: Teamwork. Trivia.
create: All games where players can choose in what order to progress in a game.

The thing to keep in mind when building "on-the-go" quizzes is to make the location radius big enough, so that the device never misses it. 500 meters on a highway is a good bet. You can also add location specfic questions or stories (look outside the window). Keep in mind, that on a highway with speeds around 90km/h, a bus covers 1km in 36 seconds. If the radius is 500 meters it gives 18 seconds or less from the time the question opens to the correct place.


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