Create awesome games for corporate events and team buildings!

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Create all types of games in minutes without ever leaving the office with our question library.

Easy to run

No prior knowledge required to create and facilitate the games.


Different venues, high season events, huge groups, your own or client devices - Loquiz has it covered.

Tools of trade

Set up photo hunts, scavenger hunts, treasure hunts, amazing races, team building games. Big or small. In- or outdoor.

In- and outdoor

Loquiz uses GPS for outdoor positioning and special clue system for indoor question mapping.

Online results

Easier for the players to navigate, less stressful for instructor to carry out and way faster to wrap up than traditional games.

After implementing Loquiz we are now using 1-2 instructors instead of 6-7 instructors in one of our typical events.

Tord Björkqvist


Players love the games created with Loquiz. We always customize for the client and Loquiz is perfect for that.

Osnat Mangs

CEO Sisters Inc

With some help from Loquiz team it took us less than a day to deliver an event to our client from scratch. Mad!

Donald-Aik Sild


The game was perfect! Everything worked out great and everyone is happy. One team lost mobile connection but this did not affect the game :)

Jesper Kufaas

Moment Norway

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