Powerful question management

Five+ game types

Keep innovating with new game ideas

Built in game types allow you to build a game for your occasion. Want freeflow games where teams can choose their own route? Or want linear game where teams need to follow each other? We have you covered. In the future new game types are introduced that will make it possible to utilize your existing content.


Work together with your team-mates and clients on games

Loquiz is the only platform where you can easily collaborate with your clients on creating content. This makes it a breeze to include client content into any of your events without hassle.


Question libraries

You do not need to have all the questions we have some for you

Question libraries help you to get started but also can be used as fillers if you are missing some questions. Libraries are also great to spark off your own ideas as we have covered questions of all types and many subjects. General library is available to all, custom libraries available separately.

Online results

Observe team progress online and wrap up the game with instant results

Loquiz is built to make life easier for instructors. No more calculating results by hand. Always know where the teams are, how they are doing and what is the result. And not to forget the photowall.

Instant online results
Works online and offline

Works off and online

Loquiz is built to work even without internet

In rural areas and also in the cities mobile internet connection sometimes breaks. Loquiz is built to cope with that so that players even do not notice the absense of internet connection - it just works! And if something happens with the device you can continue the game on another device (internet connection needed)

Speaks your language

Loquiz pro is in english, but application speaks players language

Loquiz application has several built in languages (like english, german, russian, swedish, spanish etc.) All you need to do is to set the game language and app will be in this language. If your language is missing we are happy to add it with your help.

Easily customizable
Trust me, I am an expert ;)

specialist support

We help you to start new services or help to convert existing games to Loquiz platform.

Does not matter if you are starting new service or update your existing concepts we are here to help you on this. We have full packs with sample marketing material to get you going on new services and specialists available who help to convert your existing offers should you need it.

customize your game

Customize the look and feel of the game to immerse user into the experience

Displaying your own logo (or any graphic) in the app and on the results pages is very easy. With some effort you can also set photo overlay onto basemap. Custom pins and question colors will be available shortly.

Easily customizable

You already have the content. Loquiz is the tool to release the power of knowledge by gamification. Since 2010.

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