Down Under

These hilarious game mechanics work against all common rules. The idea is to work your way from "finish" to the starting field. You can call it Down Under, or Vice Versa, or Back to the Start or whatever you like.

It is very easy to turn any Snakes and Ladders game to Down Under with this little trick. Define the Starting field as the last field in the game. Set the finish field to be the first field.

Now teams need to work their way through the game answering wrong. Tip! Double choice questions are as tough to answer incorrectly as correctly.


who: Out of the box thinkers with a sense of humour
Where: Anywhere surprising solutions are needed
when: Think tanks, idea generation meetings
what: Sometimes it pays to be wrong
how: Strategy map, Land map, Aerophoto, Direction arrow

  • Create a game where start and finish are in the middle of the game board. Then create complicated strategy that takes people from start to finish with a detour. Complicated to make and very tough to play.
  • Turn the correct/incorrect around, by making incorrect answers take teams forward and correct backward. Now teams really need to do their planning.

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