city tour

Ok, tour is not exactly a game, but sometimes it comes in handy. With Loquiz it is very easy to create a tour where "players" or tourists go to places in a given order. You could use story ("no answer") questions in a tour, or you might add some element of adenture by asking player to find out about the object.

What differentiates Tour from Snakes and Ladders is that there is no strategy aspect. You always move on to the next point. Nothing to think about


who: Tourists
Where: Very well suited to guide people around the city.
when: City tours, Cruise groups, Children groups
what: Get to know the city in safe way.
how: Map, Aerophoto, Direction arrow to your next destination.
  • Add photos and videos from different eras
  • Make people find out something about surroundings to gamify your tour
  • Make people go inside places and get a free drink with a code

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