Facilitating games at events- using your own devices vs attendees` devices

Published on August 17, 2017

The variety of smart devices is huge and you can already host a smart device…

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Change in uploading the videos players shoot

Published on August 14, 2017

Uploading the teams’ videos taken during the game has changed.

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Mistake to avoid while marketing the games you created

Published on August 4, 2017

I have noticed¬†one common misconception when event professionals start to market their games. They market…

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Event professional news – Linkfeast 57

Published on July 31, 2017

There are many news to keep eyes on in the corporate events industry. Linkfeast wraps…

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Event professional news – Linkfeast 56

Published on July 26, 2017

Staying on top of news can be a challenging task. So we regularly pick out…

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survey question in team building games

New feature! All answers to a question considered correct- survey questions

Published on July 24, 2017

Now you can ¬†set questions up as survey questions. It means that all players` answers…

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