Case study: Leroy corporate team building activity game

June 6, 2016 - 2 minutes read

On April 29th, in the northern Norwegian city of Tromso Moment Norway conducted a large game created with Loquiz for over 200 attendees. The customer was Leroy, an international company that supplies fish and seafood products to both the retail and restaurant & catering kitchens. This day employees from different departments gathered together to play a corporate team building activity game that consisted of info and fun tasks.
Tromso offered a fantastic weather with summer temperatures when we started to prepare  42 tablets for the game.

team building game case study3

Just before we started we were told that the event was behind schedule which meant we had to shorten the total time of 15 minutes. Loquiz is very easy to adapt and change so this was resolved very smoothly before starting to download the games. At 15:00 we started our briefing in a large conference hall for  233 participants. On the stage there was the Scandinavian team, Ida from Norway, Jens from Denmark and Lennart from Sweden.

team building game case study5

We had prepared all the tablets with Loquiz app and loaded games to the  devices so it would be as smooth and fast as possible to get out in the city race. We had chosen to build and run a scavenger type of game, this meant that the participants did not see all the locations at the beginning. Instead, locations appeared after the team had answered in certain locations. In locations there  appeared team tasks, photo tasks and company questions .

To distribute 42 tablets to over 200 participants in the space of a few minutes was in itself a challenge but it went well.

Soon there were over 200 people wandering around in Tromso center and challenged to reach locations and complete tasks. The game involved a lot of physical activities and taking photos of these tasks. So a jury was involved in choosing the funniest and most creative pics.

team game 2

When the game was finished, we had arranged the reception of all tablets.
During the evening meal  the winning team of  the race was crowned and the special prize for the best photos was awarded. To wrap-up the evening a slideshow with the images from the game were projected.

team building game case study

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