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    Automation Tools For Stress-Free Event Planning
    • 24. Oct, 2016

    An infographic by the team at COS Rental

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  • 19 Oct
    Out of bound area
    • 19. Oct, 2016

    I was recently asked how to mark a specific area in the game that is strictly out of bounds for the players. There are  a couple of ways to do that which I will outline below.

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  • 14 Oct
    Event professional news – Linkfeast vol 38
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    Where can event managers find news in the most compact form ever? Of course from Linkfeast. As usual, this week’s edition brings you three links to explore to stay up to speed in corporate events field.

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  • 11 Oct
    7 Tips for Organizing Networking Events
    • 11. Oct, 2016

    Modern forms of communication like texting, Skyping, and tweeting are fast and convenient. However, they can never replace person-to-person contact. This is why networking events are still relevant. Meeting people face-to-face provides a form of communication that has almost become a lost art due to society becoming so ingrained in digital communication. Also keep in […]

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