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  • 26 Aug
    Eventprof and team building news – Linkfeast 34
    • 26. Aug, 2016

    As every week, we go through news channels and blogs for corporate event professionals and pick 3 resources you guys shouldn’t miss out! Last full week of August bring you thoughts stupid event rules you could skip; webinar you should be following and photo booth implementation tips.

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  • 25 Aug
    Porsche Classic event with city race on smart devices – case study
    • 25. Aug, 2016

    25 old Porsche classic cars, a beautiful summer day and fun tasks to solve in different locations around the city- this sounds like a good plan for an excellent event! This is just what took place on 18th of June when about 50 Porsche Classic Club members from Estonia and Finland gathered in Estonia’s capital Tallinn […]

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  • 22 Aug
    Using anagrams in Loquiz
    • 22. Aug, 2016

    An anagram is a word or a sentence formed from another by rearranging its letters. I personally am using 2-3 anagrams in each Loquiz game. Here’s how.

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  • 19 Aug
    Event professional news- Linkfeast vol 33
    • 19. Aug, 2016

    This week’s best 3 links for eventprofs cover a thorough survey about how much event managers charge for their services; how to manage alcohol consumption at your events and learing moments from the Olympics!

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